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Look at my crappy art! Isn't it terrible! If u have critiques, don't be afraid to speak up! :iconpervylinkplz: :iconpervyfiplz:

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Look at all off the likes I have! People who drew these are awesome!


Anything your heart desires (no color)
FINALLY!!! by MoonsOcarina101
Sketch Dump by MoonsOcarina101
When dorks collide by MoonsOcarina101
This stuff is cheaper and it will take a lot faster for me to draw. Please give me a full description, IN DETAIL, of what you want. It can be done in traditional or digital art form. :)
Anything your heart desires (In color)
Kiui Majikku by MoonsOcarina101
Meet Celeste by MoonsOcarina101
Test by MoonsOcarina101
Late Christmas thingy by MoonsOcarina101
It's been awhile... by MoonsOcarina101
Album Cover #1 by MoonsOcarina101
These may take me a bit longer to do, so sorry if they take so long. Please write a description, IN DETAIL, of what you want me to draw you in color. It can be done in traditional or digital art form. :)



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I have been on deviantART before! My old profile name was Torchic2012! I'm very happy to have an account again!

Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123

I won't whine  . . . by ZydenRead Before You Comment by LeoLeonardoFriendship stamp by JinZhan.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotArtist's comments stamp by ShutsumonStamp: -wishwishwish- by PyratesqueStamp - Tablet User by firstfearWishful Thinking by whispwillSketches Love Stamp by PianoxLullaby
Since I'm now permanently banned from MiiVerse (for saying the word Chicken Breast), I want to inform you about this amazing role play site called RP Nations! It's a bit more of a hardcore place, and the style of RP's are different, but this place is amazing! I've made a couple friends on here, and I really recommend it if you are a hardcore role player like me, you should totally join!

heres the link:

My username is: MoonsOcarinak


pisces :. mysterionrises6 by dathie
by dathie

I love all of the visual effects you did on here and your technique on the crystals and the glitter are amazing! One thing I would like...

Link by Jaylastar

I love the way on how you did Link's hair! It looks simply marvelous! What I think you may need to work on, is better shading, especial...


New OC by MoonsOcarina101
New OC
Name: Cresscent (Cress) Sekai

Kanji: 三日月 ピーチ

Gender: female

Age: 17

Birthday: May 14th

Sexuality: Bisexual

Religion: n/a

Race: Caucasian

Alias: none

Class: songstress

Weapon: song and elemental magic

Future vision: Cress was never the most talented at magic, but she was blessed with future vision instead. With crayons and paper, she can draw out memories of strangers or events that will take place in the near future. It's accurate 25% of the time, but when one person alters the future in the slightest of ways everything can change. Cress is not a talented artist.
Aching Blood: This ability gives Cress a 20% higher critical hit ratio when her energy is at its lowest peak. When it is triggered, she has a one shot hit that can destroy many foes in her path.

E/C: blue

H/C: caramel brown

Skin color: fair

Skin type: soft

Skin marks: none

Extra limbs: none

Body type: basic figure

Height: 5'4

Weight: 129 lbs

Family Tree:
- Mother (deceased): Cress's mother was a songstress with a sacred bloodline that could tell the future, and that their well crafted voice was their power. At a young age, noticing how weak Cress's magic ability was, Cress's mother trained her in the ways of a songstress, and taught her many sacred songs to keep her family culture going. Little did they know that those songs would come in handy in the future. Cress inherited over 85% of her abilities from her mother's side of the family.
- Father (deceased): Cress's father was a fine mage with the passion for adventure and magic. Even though his daughter Cress had little magic ability, he still taught her spells to defend herself of she was in danger. Cress still gained her father's special ability to boost up her critical hit status when her heath is at it's lowest. Cress inherited 15% of her father's abilities, balancing herself out.
- Luna (sister; deceased): Luna was an extraordinary Mage who gained all of her abilities from her dad. She loved Cress dearly, and they would always promise to be together no matter what happened in life. Then, everything changed when the snow began.

Piercings: none

Tattoos: she has a weird crescent moon tattoo on her hand that appeared when she got cursed. That's why she wears fingerless gloves all the time, to hide her shame.

Personality: Cress is very shy and soft spoken when you first meet her. It's like she hasn't ever interacted with an object before. Once you get to know her, she's super sassy and upbeat. When she's not upbeat, she just has a blank expression and tends to cling to whoever or whatever interacts with her, if she's desperate enough. Since she knows no one can hear her, she sings into the wind, hoping someone can hear her plea.

Background: Cress was an honest, sheltered child that had never bothered to learn much about magic in her youth. She lived a fairly normal life until one tragic event, when Cress's sweet little sister, Luna, was hit by a car while walking across the street. This event sent Cress's parents spiraling into a dreary depression. Out of desperation for money, they became involved with one of the secret cults that pushed the boundaries of magic with no care for regulation or safety, doing whatever they could to take the pain away from their deceased child. When Cress finds out, the cult was quick to act. They cast a special curse on Cress, making sure she would pay for the "sins" she and her parents had committed for letting their child perish in a harsh manor. Since that moment, Cress has been tormented for a long, painful extension of time. Everyone around her seemed to act as if she never existed. It even became hard for Cress to interact with objects of the environment, making her lose hope in herself and the rest of the world. It was as if she had become a ghost to society, a waste of empty space that no one could hear. Yet that didn't explain why she was now seemingly being stalked by strange shadowy figures. Were they ghosts as well?

I can't wait to use her!
The Oceans of Kuaku (background practice) by MoonsOcarina101
The Oceans of Kuaku (background practice)
I've been super into backgrounds recently, and I'm starting to practice watercolor painting. I'm excited to finish this!
Destiny (redesign) by MoonsOcarina101
Destiny (redesign)
Yeah, awhile back I update my old OC Destiny. I love her new design, but I do need to fix the coloring a bit. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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